How Yoga Poses Help Relieve Stress

From the ancient period, yoga acts as an antidote to stress. It is a combination of different stress-reducing techniques, strategies for controlling the breath, relaxing the body, developing inner peace, etc.

Nowadays, yoga is becoming popular because many people practice it to eradicate stress and anxiety from their lives. A consistent yoga practice from early childhood can develop your body and mind. It will also keep you away from any mental any physical issues.

Here I am sharing six different ways to conclude that how yoga poses to relieve your stress.

Reducing Stress Through Exercise

For reducing stress and anxiety, you can practice hatha yoga, which is the physical practice of different yoga postures. Hatha yoga is of different types; all of them are helpful for your body and mind. You have to choose according to your requirements which one will be best for you. If you are a beginner, who wants to relax your muscle endurance and purify your internal system, then slow yoga postures would be best for you. On the other hand, if you want a full-body workout to lose weight, you can try fast yoga. During stress, tension is stored in your body, making you feel tight, which causes pain—stretching your muscles while practicing yoga releases tension and makes you relaxed.

Reducing Stress Through Breath Control

Pranayama is very effective in reducing stress. This breathwork practice is essential because it helps to improve your life off the mat. It relaxes your body by increasing your awareness. Breathing, an involuntary action (it continues without any effort until your death), can help you combat stressful situations. To relax your body and mind, you have to take a deep breath slowly. When you practice pranayama, at that time, your entire nervous system calms down, which reduces stress and anxiety, improving your self-awareness. Your focus improves when you succeed in eliminating mental issues like agitation, anger from your life.

Clearing The Mind

You became tired and stressed when your mind is continuously active, thinking about future possibilities or dealing with your past activities. These things increase stress making you unproductive. Most of the people believed that yoga is the best way to reduce stress and anxiety. It offers several methods for stopping your monkey mind from jumping from one thought to another. You can try different meditation techniques, easily removing the unnecessary thought from your mind during each inhalation and exhalation. If you practice yoga poses or asanas with proper concentration, it will provide a much-needed break to your brain by eliminating all the negative thoughts and worries.


In every part of the world, people are facing stress and anxiety problems. If you are also one of those who are facing these issues, then here is the solution. You can try yoga to reduce your illness. It is a mind-body practice that combines with meditation, relaxation of body and mind, control over your breathing, etc. You can promote peace by practicing yoga, which can boost your body, mind, and breathing. You can try savasana or Yoga Nidra for relaxing your body, which will end within five minutes. However, these five minutes can make you relaxed for a longer and deeper period by acting as a stress reducer.

Helps To Stay In The Moment

Practicing yoga poses help you reduce stress and improves your focus and concentration, which is essential in all aspects of your life. It allows you to stay in the moment when you are under stress without letting your brain to assume about your future and past. Apart from deviating your thoughts, it drags your focus towards your body and breath. Pausing yourself by closing your eyes and taking a deep breath can help you stay in the movement. Yoga helps you to stop thinking about consequences that are necessary to relax your body and mind.

Reducing Difficulty

During a difficult situation, try taking deep breaths. When you feel any yoga poses a challenge, assume sending your breath to the affected area. Focus on your breathing when you face any challenging situations like – an argument with someone, solving tough homework, and many more. The essential benefits of yoga are that it helps you to develop different ways to deal with stress. When this happens, stress will no longer remain traumatic for you. In fact, with the right blend of inner fire and inner calmness, you can easily handle any stressful situation. Meditation and yoga make a person capable of handling any stressful situation without panicking or overreacting.

Final Words

Yoga plays a significant role in reducing mental illness. It helps a person to know his inner potential. During any stressful situation practicing yoga can reduce stress, difficulty, relax, clear your mind, and help you learn mindfulness. These things can help you to combat and remain calm in stressful situations. Hence it would be best if you practice it regularly for gaining the above benefits.

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