Things You Need To Start With Your Yoga Exercise

If you plan to start with your yoga exercise, you must first start it with reading this article. Wherein, we have listed the various things with its prices that you may need to kick off with your yoga exercise. The very first thing that might have stuck in your mind about yoga is the yoga matt.

Yoga Exercise Equipment

Besides this, there many other things that you might not have wondered which you may need during your yoga session, about which we are going to tell you in this article.

Yoga Mattress

First, the most common and the mandatory product for all kinds of yoga is the mattress. It will also be enough if you are going for traditional yoga. Commonly, it would help if you prefer a matt with a thickness of 4 mm. Generally, it ranges between ₹350-1000/-.

Yoga Block/Bricks

There are around 3 types of yoga blocks that come in different sizes and shapes. Wooden, cork, and Foam. Wooden is the best out of three. These bricks also come in three sizes i.e., in 3,4,5 inches. All of these bricks will cost you between ₹600 to ₹1500/- or more than that.

Yoga Wheel

Made especially for stretching, the Yoga wheel can also be used for many other yoga poses. It is the costliest product among this list, with its price ranging between ₹1500 to ₹2000/-. Though you feel it expensive for work like this, use voucherarena coupons, which will make your shopping amount a bit inexpensive.

Yoga Strap & Toning tube

Next up is the Yoga strap & Toning tube. Yoga strap, which is a non-stretchable thing, ranges between ₹200-400/-. And, Toning tube, which is nothing but a resistance band that is stretchable, will cost you around ₹700/-


A yoga bolster is a thick pillow that is used as padded support. It comes in a rectangular and round cylindrical shape. You can buy it for ₹500/-. To summarize, Bolster is used for exercise that needs support, and many poses can be done with it.

Toeless Yoga Socks

As we know, some people can’t do any work or exercise with their barefoot; So, to carry with your yoga exercise, Toeless socks can be used as they come with no-slip grip on any surface, including your yoga mattress. You can buy it for ₹150/-

Yoga Mat Wash

After continuous use, there are chances your mattress may get dirty. So, to keep it clean, you may need a mat wash liquid. Special mat wash liquids are also available for this. But it can also be done with any of the other wash liquid.

Yoga Knee Pads

Every time putting your knee on a mattress might not get you enough comfort. Therefore, you can use knee pads to get it. Similarly, you can use a knee cap as well. Knee pads can you cost you between ₹350-700/- only.

Yoga Wedge

A yoga wedge is a triangular-shaped pillow. Many yoga poses can be don’t with it. Most common being squatting, standing, and sitting. Just like Blocks, it comes in 3 types; wooden, cork, and Foam. You can get it for ₹1000/-

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