What Yoga Should Beginners Practice?

Everyone knows that yoga improves health outcomes and offers many health benefits. In addition to improving mind-body awareness, a regular yoga practice can help people discover the bliss of relaxation. Yoga can help increase endurance and stamina, flexibility, balance and posture, and strength. Yoga improves the quality of sleep and helps to build the immune system. This is one of the reasons that so many beginners are curious to start practicing yoga.

As beginners come to the practice of yoga, they are often curious about what style of yoga is best for beginners. There are many styles of yoga. Iyengar yoga, which came from BKS Iyengar, strongly focuses on alignment. Iyengar introduced props, such as yoga blocks, blankets, and straps to support yoga practitioners’ movement. Iyengar also introduced the yoga rope wall, sometimes called the Yoga Wall. Some Iyengar classes are appropriate for beginners, especially those who want to learn the proper pose alignment.

Another popular style of yoga is Ashtanga which comes from K. Pattabhi Jois. Ashtanga is a set sequence of postures that don’t change. Most people start with the half-primary series, then graduate to the primary series, and eventually move into the secondary series of Ashtanga. Ashtanga is not made for beginners and requires a hands-on Ashtanga instructor to assist. Most Ashtanga instructors learn in an ashram and study under their teacher for many years before they can teach Ashtanga.

Many people practice Vinyasa yoga, a fluid practice connecting breath to movement. Vinyasa yoga almost always includes sun salutations, either Sun Salutation A, Sun Salutation B, or maybe both. There is one breath per movement in many Vinyasa classes as you glide through the flowy yoga practice. Vinyasa classes can look very different, depending on the instructor. The instructor creates a custom sequence of yoga poses for each class, which is very different than ashtanga yoga, where there is a predetermined sequence.

Bikram yoga is practiced in a hot room with high temperatures. Much like Ashtanga, Bikram yoga is a set sequence of yoga poses. There are 26 poses that you practice in every class, so each class looks and feels the same. Many people enjoy this style of yoga because it allows the student to notice growth in their own practice. Gradually, students realize that they are going a little bit deeper in each yoga pose, allowing them to go deeper into themselves.

Beginners should start slowly and familiarize themselves with how their bodies move as they begin to practice. Learning breathwork practices can also be so helpful for beginners because yoga begins with the breath. Slow, gentle movements that allow beginners to come into their bodies and practice slowly and mindfully are the best yoga practices for beginners.

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