Complete Information About Types of Yogasana on One Platform. Learning Yoga Has Become Very Easy.

Friends, due to the extremely busy and cumbersome lifestyle nowadays, one always comes to mind that how to relax and rejuvenate the body and mind in the shortest time. And is it possible?

The answer is, Absolutely possible! Yoga is the solution for physical and mental peace & health. Now the question is what is Yoga? What are the types of yoga? And how to learn yoga?

YOGA KYA HAI (What is yoga)

If you are thinking the same way then in this article today you can get a complete solution to all these questions, if you will remain in the blog till the end. So let’s try to understand all these points step by step from the following table of contents.

Table Content:-

(A). What is yoga?

Yoga is derived from the word “Yuj” in the Sanskrit language. Which means “to unite or unify”. The purpose of yoga is to unite the body, mind, and soul with physical and mental exercise. All types of health, physical, mental, and spiritual health can be achieved by regular practice of yoga asanas, pranayama, and mudra.

The history of yoga dates back to the emergence of mankind, but systematic yoga is considered to be the gift of Maharishi Patanjali and Gherand Muni. The detailed mention of all the forms of yoga is in the texts like Yogasutra, Gherandasamhita, Hatha Yoga Pradeepka, and Shiva Samhita, etc.

The method (Form of Yoga) and method of understanding yoga changed over time from ancient times to modern times (after the 19th century). But the basic premise of yoga remained the same, which is to practice asanas, pranayamas, and meditation regularly to unite body and mind.

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 (B). Types of yoga:-

As we saw that the method of doing yoga and the way of understanding changed over time. Therefore, to understand all the disciplines of yoga, we try to understand the Types of yoga in 12 parts.

  1. Ancient Yoga: –

This type of yoga is based on human nature and behavior. Just like Bhakti Yoga was meant for those who had their minds in worship and God. Gyan Yoga, for the attainment of old and new knowledge. And Raja Yoga for all classes who are interested in physical and mental exercise.

  1. Ashtanga Yoga: –

This type of yoga is the basic foundation and prevailing method of all types of yoga. In which the person is taught the essence and benefits of yoga in 8 stages. Maharishi Patanjali named it Ashtanga Yoga due to its 8 steps.

(i) Yama: – Social discipline and behavior are learned in this phase.

(ii) Niyam: – In this, self-discipline is taught to the person.

(iii) Asana: – Body exercise makes the body healthy and shapely.

(iv) Pranayam: – Breathing exercises for pulse purification and awakening.

(v) Pratyahara: – Control and control of the five senses of the body (eyes, ears, tongue, nose, and skin).

(vi) Dharana: – The practice of concentrating the mind.

(vii) Meditation: – To focus on the goal with full devotion in the mind (Devotion).

(viii) Samadhi: – After attaining personal and social responsibilities, attaining salvation and happiness.

The practice of Ashtanga yoga is good for beginners and newcomers.

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  1. Hatha Yoga: –

This form of yoga is another form of Ashtanga Yoga. In hatha yoga, different asanas and pranayama are practiced forcefully in the opposite direction and in the same direction as the movements of the body parts. Baba Ramdev’s yoga is based on hatha yoga. Such as – Suryanamaskar, Hasta-Padasana etc.

  1. Power Yoga: –

The complexity of doing asanas and pranayama increases in this yoga mode. Therefore, only after getting used to Ashtanga and Hat Yoga, one should go for power yoga.

  1. Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga: – types of yoga (Bikram yoga)

Hot yoga is the best yoga method to detox the whole body. In hot yoga, 26 asanas and 2 pranayamas are practiced in a hot closed room in 90 minutes. The room temperature is 105 ° F (41 ° C) and Humidity up to 40%. In this yoga method, excessive sweating comes from the body due to which internal cleansing of the body is very good. This yoga practice was started by Bikram Chaudhary in America (USA) in the 70s. And today it is operated in the name of Bikram Yoga and Hot Yoga all over the world.

  1. Iyengar yoga:-

    types of yoga Iyengar yoga

    Image source – Ishyog

The founder of this method of yoga is the late BK Iyengar. In this yoga mode, blocks, belts, ropes and wooden things are used to take support to practice the rugs in the correct position. Iyengar yoga is very good for people with low acumen and any chronic injury.

  1. Yin Yog:-

Yin Yoga is a slow-phase yoga style. In this type of yoga, yoga asanas are practiced for a period of at least 2 to 3 minutes with a pause. Which relaxes each joint of the body and balances it in the body.

  1. Kundli Yog:-

In Kundalini Yoga, there is a deep focus on Pranayama. There are 7 energy cycles in our body for energy transmission and awakening. Which is Sahasrara, Agya, Vishudh, Anahata, Manipur, Swadhisthan and Muladhar. The body gets different types of power from each energy cycle. Kundalini yoga activates the Ingala, Pingala, and Sushumna nadis and awakens all the energy chakras.

  1. Prenatal Yog:-  types of yoga योग के प्रकार

This yoga style is designed to relieve the physical and mental stress, hormonal imbalance and fatigue, etc. of pregnant women during the period of conception. In this yoga mode, some asanas, yoga asanas, and pranayama are done under the supervision of a good and unique yoga trainer. Such as – Badhkonasana, Konasana, Illusionary Pranayama etc.

  1. Vinyasa yoga:-  tyes of yoga vinayas yoga

Vinayas yoga is a part of hatha-yoga. Its specialty is that in this type of yoga mode, the three postures of Tristhana practice are done. Configuration totals focus on sequencing two different yoga asanas. Such as the practice of Konasana with Virabhadrasana Asana-2 etc.

  1. Aerial Yoga:- yogasana in hindi

In this technique of yoga, asanas are practiced above the ground by wrapping the body with cloth or rope tied with pegs. Therefore this yoga mode is also called “anti-gravity” yoga. It is necessary to have balance and flexibility in the body to perform difficult asanas.

12. Therapy yoga:-

In today’s time, treatment of many incurable diseases like cancer, diabetes, etc. is done with therapy. Therapy Yoga is a combination of all of the above yoga methods in which rugs, pranayama, and meditation are practiced with medicines in a systematic way.

Now, we have fully understood the types of yoga described above. In the above article, we used the words Asana and Pranayama many times. But now it is also important to know what are the types of Asanas. And what is the type of Pranayama? So let’s focus on it briefly.

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(C). Types of Pranayama Yoga :-

The basis of Pranayama is our breathing. Which is the vital basis of our life. Pranayama is an exercise for the nervous and respiratory systems. All the nerves of the body are cleaned by Pranayama.

 (i). Anulom Vilom Pranayama :-

This type of Pranayama Yoga is an order of improvement in breathing technique that helps to clear these blocked energy channels (Nadis). Due to this physical, mental, and spiritual peace is attained.

(ii). Kapalbhati Pranayama :-

Kaplabhati is a respiratory yogic activity in which the nose is inhaled rapidly and due to this stomach contract and dilate rapidly.

(iii). Bhramari Pranayama :- importance of yoga

This pranayama is the most prison for relieving mental stress and headache in a moment. Breath in a rhythmic manner of sitting and breathing in it like a buzzer.

(iv) Bhastrika Pranayama :-

In this type of Pranayama Yoga, the breath is taken at a fast speed and the breath is released at a rapid speed, which causes the entire respiratory system to relax and detox.

(v) Ujjayi Pranayama:- This pranayam is very useful for thyroid patients.

(vi) Chandrabhedi and Suryabhedi Pranayama:-

The body gets warmth and coolness in this type of pranayama by breathing.

(vii) Agnisara Kriya:-

In This type of Pranayama technique inhaling and exhaling by deeply forcing and expanding the abdominal muscles.

Friends, thus the aim of all types of pranayama is to increase the duration of breathing and exhaling so that the body gets maximum oxygen and harmful gases can be released from the body.

 (D). Types of Yogasana & Yoga Asanas Names :-

Here we describe some important and famous yoga asanas images with names.

(i). Suryanamaskar : – types of yogasana surya namaskara

In This Type of Yogasana (Asanas) With one posture, the whole body gets exercise. Because it is a mixed posture of 12 asanas.

(ii). Bhujangasana :- types of yoga bhujangasana

This type of Yogasana makes the spine and lower part of the neck flexible and firm.

(iii) Sarvangasana :-

In this type of yoga asana feet are upwards. Due to gravity, the flow of blood is good in the opposite direction from the feet to the brain. That help to grow hair and white hair problem solve.

(iv) Pawanmuktasana :- 

This yoga asana is performed by laying on the ground with the back. Regular practice of this asana leads to good practice of the intestines of the stomach, which is very helpful in removing constipation and gas in the stomach.

(v) Tadasana:-

It is a standing yoga posture. In Tadasana Yoga, the entire body is stretched by pulling both hands upwards. Therefore, with this type of yoga, the exercise of all the organs and muscles is done at once.

(vi) Paschimottanasana :- paschimottasana benefits

In this yogasana posture, the entire body is stretched by pulling both hands from top to bottom toward the feet. This asana is very suitable for back pain.

(vii) Balasana:-

This yoga asana is a sitting yoga posture that relaxes the whole body.

(viii) Dhanurasana :- Dhanurasana benefits

Among all types of yoga asana, this asana is the most beneficial. Because this posture provides instant relief from stress, anxiety and physical pain.

(viii) Veerasan:- virasana yoga pose and benefits

Today’s modern and busy routine is very thoughtful and toned. This type of asana is very easy and the best way to get rid of it.

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Friends, what is Yoga? What are the types of yoga? We have understood this article yet now.  The remaining part is how to learn yoga. So let’s understand this too!

(E). How to learn yoga:-

How to start yoga? To learn this, we have to take training from a good and experienced yoga instructor. Because there is a planned way of doing every yoga practice. Whose tips can only be given by a trainer? Yoga is a health science, if you do it wrong then it can also cause harm. Therefore, to learn yoga, first of all, join a good yoga center and yoga trainer. And later you can learn yoga online too. Women yoga center in jaipur

Just find yoga training online and in the Yoga center:-

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The first rule of yoga is that it is done on an empty stomach. And every yoga posture and pranayama should be done under the supervision of a yoga trainer according to their ability.

Before beginning yoga, you should do subtle (light) exercises. Then slowly get accustomed to asanas and pranayamas and practice complex asanas and pranayamas.

Friends, hope that you got all kinds of information about types of yoga asanas and Pranayamas in this article. Make your valuable suggestions in the comment box so, that the next article can be made even better and more informative.

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