21 easy natural remedies of Thyroid treatment at home.

Thyroid problem is a big problem of today’s life style. And main problem of this diseases that we depend on taking pills treatment.  Which is not permanent solution of Thyroid Treatment. But if we are little bit aware then there are many effective thyroid treatment process.

Thyroid Treatment :-

For knowing more deeply about thyroid treatment and thyroid prevention just read blog carefully till the end.

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1. Thyroid ayurvedic treatment :-

Ayurvedic is effective ancient medical system from last 3000 years. Ayurvedic treatment is based on science of life and holistic knowledge of man. Best part of Thyroid ayurvedic treatment is that it is not only the treatment of the human body, it also looks at the body, mind, spirit and environment of the human being.

Below we have discussed some easy ayurvedic treatment which cure thyroid permanently.

(a). Walnut oil massage on neck :-

Cold pressed walnut oil massage on neck is very effective for pituitary gland function. And Pituitary gland hormone control the thyroid hormone T3 & T4 secretion. So, Every night take 4-5 drop of walnut oil and massage your neck gently by your hand before sleep regular 2 months.

(b). Coriander :-

Take one tea spoon Coriander seeds and crush them not using mixer grinder but a motor pestle. Because mixer grinder heat the seeds which destroyed its minerals. After crusing coriander seeds just put this in a glass of water and keep it overnight. In the morning boil this coriander mixer water at low flame until it reduces half of the water is left. Now strain of seeds and drink this water slowly with empty stomach. Half an hour you have to not eat anything.

(c). Mixed 50 grams Trikuta churna and 10 grams Praval Pishti or Godanti Bhasma with honey and take it after dinner. This Thyroid homeopathic medicine is gets rid of thyroid very quickly.

(d). Decoctions of Shigru Patra, Kanchanar, Punarnava is very useful for thyroid treatment. we should take 30 to 50 ml decoction on an empty stomach.

(e). Taking 1 tablet of Patanjali Medohar Vati, Kachnar Guggul and Vriddhi Vadhika Vati after dinner will end thyroid from root.

(f). In Ayurvedic Patanjali Thyroid treatment, drinking Divya Godhan Ark on an empty stomach in the morning is a surefire cure for thyroid.

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2. Thyroid homeopathic medicine :-

For homeopathic treatment of thyroid, you can take homeopathic medicines like Bromium, Iodine, Spongia Tosta, Calcarea Carbonica, Pulsatilla etc. after consultation of the doctor. Homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects on the body.

3. Yoga for thyroid :-

Yoga pranayama and asana is very effective for thyroid treatment. If we practice these 3 pranayama and 4 yoga asana daily bases then we can cure thyroid problem.

(A). Ujjayi Pranayam :-

Ujjayi Pranayama is one of those pranayama, which is done to get diagnosis from thyroid problem of throat. In this asana, Om is uttered by inhaling breath from the throat. Thyroid benefits a lot from this. Do this asana 7 to 11 times regularly.

(B). Kapalbhati Kriya :-

Kaplabhati is a respiratory yogic practice in which rapid contraction and expansion of the abdomen is done by exhaling breath through the nose at a rapid rate. It is best exercise of  whole neck area and stomach.

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(C). Anulom Vilom Pranyam :-

Anulom Vilom Pranyam is an improvement order of breathing techniques that helps to clear blocked energy channels (nadis). Due to which thyroid gland effectiveness increases. And thyroid hormone T3 ,T4 & Tsh level balanced.

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(D). Matsyasana & Salamba Sarvangasana:-

yoga for thyroid

Matsyasana and Salamba Sarvangasana are considered to be the most effective yogasanas in the treatment of thyroid problems. In Matsyasana, the head is tilted back and exerts pressure on the throat. It stimulates the thyroid by putting pressure on the throat.

(E). Suryanamskar :-

Surya Namaskar yoga pracitce harmonizes thyroid and pituitary glands which helps in removing any irregularity of such glands. This improves their blood flow. And there is a balance of hormones in the body.

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(F) Cat-Cow Pose :-

This is the best yoga for thyroid because in this pose neck and breathe motion controlled in balanced way.

(G). Ustrasana :-

Ustrasana is a very effective asana which makes your Neck, waist and chest flexible. If you are troubled by Neck & back pain, then this asana can be very beneficial for you. To do this asana, sit on your knees and hold your heels with both hands. Push your chest forward so that your arms are straight and there is a tension in the chest and waist. In this position, your face will remain upwards and an arch will be formed in the waist.

4. Thyroid home treatment :-

(i). Taking vitamin B-12 supplements such as (milk, eggs, cheese, peas, beans and sesame) can help in curing hypothyroidism.

(ii). Make sure to use iodised salt in food in a balanced amount for thyoid home treatment.

(iii). Avoiding red meat, vegetable ghee, caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods is best thyroid prevention .

(iv). Coconut oil contains fatty acids that help in the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Balanced use of coconut oil increases metabolism and balances body temperature.

(v). Taking sugar free diet is the best home remedy for thyroid treatment.

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