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symptoms of stress

We often feel symptoms of stress in this extremely busy lifestyle. And this word stress  we face many times in different form in a day. But we could never understand what is stress ? And how to deal with stress ?

If you want to remove tension and stress from your life, then read this article with all your mind till the end. So let’s try to overcome this Stress and tension.

Table content :-

(1). What is stress ?

Stress is reason of change physical, emotional, or psychological behavior. Stress required body’s response to attention or action. Some level of Stress is beneficial for achieving our targets. But taking more stress has very bad effect on health.

Due to more Stress the brain’s ability to think, understand and make decisions has a very bad effect. There is a feeling of heaviness and numbness in the mind. The power of thinking and understanding becomes absolutely less.

The person loses his understanding of good and bad. Because of this, there is unnecessary anxiety and uncertainty about something or work, which define stress.

If the fear of any kind of failure is more than necessary, then it is also a form of Stress.

(2). Types of stress :-

Stress is mainly four type which is based on effect on our behavior.

(a). Acute stress :- We can define this stress as a short time stress. Which we face regular in daily life work. Like the stress of daily school home work, reaching office on time, etc.

(b). Chronic stress :- This is long time endless stress. This type of stress develops due to unsatisfaction, trauma and desire not fulfills. Like the stress of bad marriage, less salary, childhood bad memory.

(c). Episodic acute stress :- When the frequency of repeated acute stress increase then stress converted into Episodic acute stress. Now person is afraiding from a particular situation. Like the stress of facing arrogant and rampant boss.

(d). Eustress :-

This type of stress feel us positive, adventure and energized. Because that time adrenaline hormone released more in our body. Like the stress of river rafting, climbing mountain, sky diving or under water diving etc.

(3). Causes of stress :-

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(4). Stress symptoms & effects of stress :-

Stress is a disease that we do not recognize timely. This stress makes us frustrated, weak and pessimistic inside. Suffering from many diseases like migraine, hormone secretion imbalance, low BP, high BP and sugar etc. are the very bad health Effects of stress. If the symptoms of tension are known in time, it is easy to remove it, otherwise it has very bad results.

(a). Physical symptoms of Stress :-

(b). Psychology symptoms of stress :-

(c). Emotional symptoms of tension :-

(d). Behavioural symptoms of stress :-

We have seen how our life boat is going to turn in the opposite direction and fall in the vortex when the stress is high, but do not worry, in this world there is solutions for all problems.

(5). How to deal with stress :-

The mantra for how to reduce stress and tension is not a magic wand that the wand rotated and stress disappear. But it is so important that if you read and feel the following things and measures carefully, then this stress problem can be solved easily and effectively.

(a). Do yoga for stress relief :-

The person who does yoga regularly in the morning is more energetic and agile than other people. An energetic and agile body is the best solution to relieve tension. Yoga is best stress relief activities for tension and stress related mental illness. In yoga, you can keep away stress by practicing meditation, pranayama and yoga asana.

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(b). Enjoy your favorite hobby :-

Every person has some hobby whether it is Dancing, Singing, Painting, listening songs, watching movies, playing a sport, doing yoga, gym, walking the hill station or watching web series show etc. If you give time to your hobby you can remove the tension & stress forever and bring a beautiful smile on your face.

(c). Enjoy your work and be cool :-

If you keep busy in your work, then your mind remains focused and positive thoughts come to your mind. And you get the solution of how to remove stress from mind.

(d). Neither sit nor stand for long time in one place :-

Because by doing this the brain thinks about the same thing and if the idea is negative, then there is a 100% possibility of stress increasing. but we can relieve stress quickly by changing working environment place & condition.

(e). Do not expect more from others :-

Never expect more from others because they can not understand your feeling and hope better than you. It is very effective ways to reduce stress.

(f). Watch motivational video and read inspirational Blogs :-

In today’s time, you can motivate yourself by reading Blogs and watching motivational videos with the help of internet on mobile, laptop and desktop. This process works like a magic trick for eliminating stress related disease from the root.

If you do the all above stress relief activities, then the stress is far away from your life. Still, if there is some stress and tension left after doing all above stress relief activities then we can cure it by treatment.

(6). Treatment of stress :-

If you ever feel that you are getting more stress, then immediately consult a good Physiotherapist and Counselor. Because stress and Mental illness can all be cured with various therapies.

After reading this entire article friends, surely your tension and stress must have been lost. Because this blog has been written on the basis of real experience of different stages of 25 years of my life.

And the inspiration and guidance to write this article has become possible due to Mr. Gajendra Rana Ji. Rana ji is a senior Accounts Management Counselor who always says one thing and also follow in his life that “Keep busy and be cool”.

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Blog By :- Anil Ramola

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