21 easily adoptable health tips for women & men for maintain a good health.

We have heard from our childhood that “Health is wealth”. But in today’s busy scenario, keeping the body physically and mentally healthy is a big challenge. We always think that how to maintain good health ? and What are the healthy lifestyle tips ? and Solutions never find.

But do not worry, we have brought a box of 21 Health tips for you to solve these problem. So let’s discuss all these Health care tips in detail.

21 Health tips who makes your life happy :-

Become healthy and strong we have to start our day in discipline way. Let’s start with first Daily Health Tips of early to bed and early to rise.

  1. Get plenty of sleep :- 

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7 to 8 hours of sleep can refresh your whole day, this is the first tips to stay healthy. For this you should follow simple health tips of sleep early in the night and wake up early in the morning.

  1. Drink water without rinse as you get up in the morning :-

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When we wake up in the morning, the saliva in our mouth contains lysozyme enzyme which is very helpful for cleaning the stomach and digestive system. Therefore, after wake up without rinse, drink up to 1 liter of water with sipping on bed in morning. This is the best health care tips for cleaning stomach.

  1. Take light sunbath :-

simple health tips for women and men

Taking light sun bath in the morning is a good source of vitamin-D. It is the best healthy lifestyle tips to keep the body skin and eyes healthy. And doing this practice regular, you can maintain good health for long time.

  1. Do Regular Yoga Practice in morning :-

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Regular practicing yoga asanas and pranayama in the morning keeps the body fit, agile and facial. This health tips for men & women very effective for avoiding disease & stress.

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  1. Take nutritionist breakfast :-

Tips for good health, make sure to eat breakfast of protein and carbohydrates nutritionist. If you have nutritionist breakfast in the morning, then the whole day is energetic. Which is a sign of maintain good health.

  1. Eat salad half an hour before your meal :-

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Salad is very helpful for digestion of food. Because, salads are a good source of minerals. eating a salad before Half an hour of your meal controls the quantity of food. And helps to digest food quickly and completely. This is the best health tips for maintaining good health.

  1. Include milk and fruits in your daily diet :-

Must Take seasonal fruits in morning and evening snakes. And drinking 1 glass of warm milk after dinner is incredible health improvement tips.

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  1. Avoid drinking water immediately after meal :-

After eating food, Our digestive system is active. And by digesting food, nutrients is absorb and send to whole body in the form of energy. But if we drink more water with food or immediately after it, the gastrointestinal system becomes dull and the digestion of food is not possible due to which the energy is not able to be coordinated.

  1. Eat food after more Chewing :-

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Our mouth saliva is good for digestion of food. The more we chew and chew the food, the more salivary enzymes will mix with the food. So, Try to chew a morsel at least 35 to 40 times and then eat it. If you are focusing on “only my health” then This is very important Health tips for you.

  1. Always make habit to eat sitting :-

When we eat food while sitting on the ground comfortably, the position of the body is natural, which makes the body and digestive system strong. At the same time, we are following best body health tips which makes the spinal cord and muscles more strong.

  1. Change Cooking oil brand time to time :-

Edible oil mustard and soybean have omega 3, and peanut oil has omega 6 ingredients. A controlled amount of both these elements is necessary for the body. Therefore, by interchange the brand of edible oil time to time controlled supply of both elements.

  1. Massage the whole body once a week :-

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Body massage is a centuries-old natural technic to infuse energy and freshness throughout the body. So, don’t forget to adopt this health improvement tips.

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  1. Use controlled amount of sugar and salt :-

Excess intake of sugar and salt leads to diseases such as BP and diabetes. Therefore, using these in controlled amounts is the best health tips.

  1. Avoid consume of tea, coffee, cigarettes and alcohol :-

As a health tips for achieving physical and mental health, reduce the intake of tea, coffee cigarettes and alcohol from today. Because all four contain caffeine which is very harmful for the body.

  1. Eat dinner little less than hunger and 3 hours before bedtime :-

If you are thinking, how to improve your health quickly then Dinner should always be slightly less than hunger. And dinner must be eaten at least 3 hours before bedtime. Because our food take minimum 3 hours for digestion.

  1. Fast one day in a week :-

The most important Health tips of this article is that to detox (body internal cleansing) your body, you must fast one day in a week. Because fasting gives the digestive system time to rest.

  1. Take a quick walk in the morning and evening :-

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Fast walking is a very good health tips for women and men. So, everybody should go for a regular fast walk in morning and evening time.

  1. Give time to your hobby :-

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Always try to give time to your favorite hobby Because you will enjoy Hobby with your mind. This health tips gives a new dimension how to become healthy and strong.

  1. Spend time with friends and family :-

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The time spent with friends & family is very pleasant and fun. Which pleases your mind. And a happy mind is the foundation of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

  1. Do not worry unnecessarily :-

Stress is like a termite, which makes our health hollow inside. So, following healthy lifestyle facts for good health we can remove unnecessary stress.

  1. Stay busy and enjoy yourself :-

In the end, how to stay healthy tips is the, if we give more time to our work, family, friends, and our interests, the more we will be able to remain physically and mentally healthy.

Friends, By following of this healthy lifestyle article tips, we can live happy in our lives.

We hope you enjoyed and get the answers of how to maintain good health ? and What are the healthy lifestyle tips ? by this article. Your comments are invited in comment box for more improvement.

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