Benefits of Sarvangasana: Know the right way to do Sarvangasana for health and beauty.

Sarvangasana (Shoulder stand) is called the “Queen” of Yoga. Because by the practice of this one asana, the functioning of all parts of the body becomes very good.

Sarvangasana is made up of three words.

Sarv – All

Ang – Body parts

Asana – Yoga Position

Which means one yoga position for all parts of the body.

Sarvangasana yoga regular practice is very beneficial for a healthy body. Let,s discuss in detail.

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(A). Sarvangasana Benefits :-

  1. Reduced hair fall :-

Sarvangasan increases the supply of blood and nutrients to the scalp. Due to which the hair roots are well nourished. And the hair of our head is become strong and black. Due to which the problem of hair fall is reduced and eliminate.

Sarvangasana Benefits less hair fall

  1. Strengthen the nervous system :-

Sarvangasana yoga strengthens the nervous system, which provides relief from cold, cough and headache.

  1. Improve blood circulation to the brain :-

In Sarvangasana yoga position feet being upwards, So, due to gravity the flow of blood is good from the feet in the opposite direction to the brain. Due to which the brain gets good nutrition. And the mind gets completely relaxed. Cholesterol level also is low.

  1. Strengthening of the digestive system :-

Due to the gravitational pull on the body, there is a good exercise of the abdominal muscles and whole body. Due to which the metabolic rate (digestion) is good, the digestion of food takes place well. There is no problem of constipation which is best health Benefits of Sarvangasana.

  1. Increase Flexibility of body and strengthen the spine & shoulder :-

Most important Sarvangasana Benefits is that the shoulder and spine becomes flexible and strong. Increases the strength of the back and corrects the posture of the back.

  1. Strengthen the thyroid gland :-

The practice of Sarvangasana yoga increases blood flow to the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Due to which the health of these glands is good. Which control the irregular secretion of thyroid hormone at the very beginning.

  1. Sleeping pattern improve :-

Sarvangasana yoga practice provides many physical and mental benefits that balance the body and calm the mind. Which brings good sleep.

  1. Removes negativity :-

The fifth chakra of the body associated with expression, creativity and communication. Which awakens the Vishuddha Chakra (throat chakra) by regular practice of Sarvangasana. This removes negative feelings.

  1. Glow skin :-

Sarvangasna benefits is improve blood circulation in body which enhances the beauty of the skin. Proper blood circulation on face skin prevents wrinkles, pimples and aging process.

Sarvangasana Benefits glowing face skin of girl

  1. Solving sexual problems :-

Problems like infertility, miscarriage and menstrual problem are overcome.

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(B). Yoga exercise before sarvangasana :-

Sarvangasan is a complex posture. And there should not be any kind of stiffness in our body. Before doing Sarvangasana, one should always do subtle exercises of yoga.

  1. Navasana (Boat Pose)
  2. Ardha Halasana (Half Plough Pose)
  3. Setubandhasana (Bridge Pose)

(C). How to do sarvangasana :-

1. First of all, after doing subtle yoga exercises, lie down on your back in a shavasana position on a yoga-mat in a clean, airy open space. And slowly take long deep breaths and exhale.

2. Now both the legs have to be brought vertically (90 degree) upwards while exhaling. And keeping the palm of both hands on the ground, support in raising the legs.

3. Now bend the elbows of both the hands and support the upper part of the waist with the palms of the hands. Try to straighten the legs and waist towards the unequal side (180 degree) in this position.

4. In this position, the entire body weight should come on your shoulders. And the neck should be slightly bent towards the skull. In this position, the Vishuddha Chakra is awakened.

5. Now stay in this position for 15 seconds to 1 minute as you can. And slowly inhale and exhale.

6. Now to come back to the starting position of the asana, slowly bend the legs towards the stomach and bring them down and with the support of the palm of the hands.

7. Now keep the feet back on the ground. Thus the cycle of Sarvangasana (shoulder stand) is completed. In this way we can do Shoulder-stand 3 to 5 times.

In this way we can become proficient in Sarvangasana steps with regular yoga practice.

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(D). Precaution during sarvangasana steps :-

  • Try to keep the body straight. Do not put the feet under too much stress.
  • The body has to be in balance. The entire body weight should be on the shoulders.
  • The focus is on the neck and thyroid gland. There should not be much pressure on the neck
  • People who have any problem related to high blood pressure and heart should not do Sarvangasana.

Sarvangasan steps should be practiced daily in your daily life. By which we will be able to feel a sense of peace, confidence and well-being.  Always do Shoulder stand yoga under the supervision of an experienced Yoga teacher While learning.

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