7 Easy tips for painless normal delivery process. Also know the all symptoms of normal delivery.

As soon as the pregnancy is confirmed, the happiness of every married couple gets four moons. And a new enthusiasm awakens in life, but with this a disturbing question arises in the mind of the girl/woman whether there will be a Normal delivery or a Caesarean delivery?

Baby birth with normal delivery process


The desire for a Normal delivery lasts throughout the 9 months of pregnancy. So, in this article we will get complete information about Normal delivery process.

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1. Normal Delivery Time :-

90% time, normal delivery time of babies are between 37 weeks to 42 weeks of pregnancy. In a Medical study found that 10% time, it,s goes beyond 42 weeks.

The ideal normal delivery time of baby is “39” weeks of pregnancy. In This period baby is completely mature.

But normal delivery week for first baby is little bit late upto “41” weeks to “42’’ weeks of pregnancy.

2. Normal delivery pain :-

Due to contraction of the muscles of the uterus and by pressure on the cervix, labor pain getting start. So, due to Labor pain cramping and pain starts in back, abdomen, groin and sides of thighs of women. and if this normal labour pain is high then This is the sign of baby delivery time.

After the onset of Active normal delivery pain (labor pain) In normal delivery, it usually takes 8 to 12 hours for birth of the first child. And the birth of the second or third time child usually takes up to 6 hours.

3. Normal delivery process :-

After about 9 months In Normal delivery process, When active labor pain start, the baby comes out of the mother’s uterus through the vagina.

There is no surgery in this type of delivery. Just a small incision (cut) is made in down side of vagina so that the baby can come out easily. The cut is then fixed again with stitches.

Having a normal delivery is good for women’s health. Because in normal delivery, the recovery of the body is usually done in 1 month and there is not much restriction of eating and life style.

You might find the process of normal delivery very easy but it is a very long and complicated process. Which we can easily understand from the following 9 delivery steps and pictures.

(i). Engagement :-

This is the first stage of normal delivery, in which the newborn baby comes from the mother’s uterus to the pelvis organ when the labor pain starts.

(ii). Descent :-

In this stage of normal delivery process, due to the labor pain, the baby moves down from the pelvis towards the vagina.

Normal delivery process stage 2 & 3

image source:- Dr. Mayuri kothiwala

(iii). Increase Flexion :-

The size of the uterus and the vagina is about 10 cm in diameter at this time, so the baby contracts his whole body for passage from the vagina.

(iv). Internal Rotation :-

Baby rotates its head position 90° to come out of the vagina.

Normal delivery process crowning stage

image source:- Dr. Mayuri kothiwala

(v). Crowning :-

When the head of the baby reaches the mouth of the vagina, it is called the Crowning Stage of Normal Delivery.

(vi). Delivery of the Head by extension :-

As soon as crowning stage occurs, the baby sets its head position by rotating it 90° to come out easily.

image source:- Dr. Mayuri kothiwala

(vii). Restituion :-

When the baby turns the head 90°, there is a torque on the neck and body, which also causes the whole body of the baby to rotate by 45°, which makes it easier for him to come out.

(viii). External rotation :-

In this stage of normal delivery process, as soon as the baby’s head comes out of the vulva, the head turns and sets the position to come out.

image source:- Dr. Mayuri kothiwala

(ix). Delivery of shoulders and trunk by lateral flexion :-

This is the last stage of Normal delivery process, in which the baby’s head is pulled out by the doctor by the instrument or hand. And by cutting the placenta of the baby with a clean blade, separate it from the mother’s body.

Normal delivery process stage 9

image source:- Dr. Mayuri kothiwala

The process of all the above steps is possible only if the baby is not upside down or not stuck in the placenta. Thus having all these 9 steps at the right time in the right way is very important for normal delivery.

If anything goes wrong at any stage, then the life of the baby and the mother can be in danger, so in this situation the doctor has to do a caesarean delivery.

In normal delivery, the labor pain is very high, which is almost equal to breaking many bones simultaneously.

So to reduce this labor pain, an Epidural block a pain injection for normal delivery is done in the spinal cord in the lower part of the waist for Painless normal delivery.

Due to which labor pain is not felt and normal delivery is easily done without pain. Some more pain injection for normal delivery also are used according to delivery type like Spinal block, Opioids, Local anesthetic injection, and Pudendal block.

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4. Normal delivery symptoms :-

It is very difficult to confirm 100% of normal delivery, but some symptoms indicate normal delivery. Which increases the chances of having a normal delivery.

  • If the head of the child is downwards towards the pelvis and the feet are towards the uterus. So this is the first major symptoms of normal delivery. We can detect this by sonography.
  • Decreased movement due to the introduction of the baby into the pelvic area.
  • In the 9th month, continuous white creamy thick discharge from the vagina is regular.
  • The relaxin hormone relaxes and softens the joints and ligaments of the pelvic region, causing the joints to feel loose.
  • The rate of urination is higher than in the previous 8 months.
  • The size of the uterus begins to increase slightly. This doctor can check and tell.
  • Light (diarrhea) and thin potty comes in the last 2 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Blood clots come out many times.

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5 . Normal delivery tips :-

As all of you must have heard from your elders about normal delivery tips that in our time the delivery of baby used to happen at home itself.

But this was possible because the lifestyle, food and environment in that time were perfect for normal delivery. But even today, by making changes in lifestyle and eating habits, we can strengthen the chances of having a normal delivery. So come, just look at these tips.

(i). As a measure of normal delivery, keep a balance of protein, vitamins and fat diet for the nutrition of the baby and the mother.

(ii). After 3 months of pregnancy, walk for 10 to 15 minutes at a slow pace in the environment of lush green trees. And prenatal yoga can be done according to the strength after consulting a doctor.

(iii). Doing the right prenatal exercise according to regular strength increases the flexibility and strength of the body. Due to which the functionality and flexibility of the mother’s reproductive organs such as uterus, pelvis, and vagina increases and gives strength to bear labor pain.

(iv). Make sure to drink 7 to 10 glasses of water throughout the day.

(vi). Try to keep yourself away from all kinds of stress. Try to read motivational books at the time of pregnancy and definitely watch motivational videos.

(vii). Take 8 to 10 hours undisturbed sleep in a day is the best tips for normal delivery in 9th month.

6. Yoga exercises for normal delivery :-

During pregnancy, there is a problem of weight gain and back pain. And prenatal yoga is very good for the diagnosis of both these problems.

After 3 months of pregnancy, and doctor advice yoga exercises should be done under the supervision of yoga trainer.

(i). Standing squats :-

This is a standing yoga exercise, which you can do 15 to 20 times according to your strength. This yoga exercise strengthens the pelvic and hip muscles.

image source:-depositphotos.com

(ii). Badhakonasana (Butterfly pose) :-

This yoga asana is very useful for the muscles of the uterus and legs.

butterfly yoga pose for normal deilvery

(iii) Malasana :-

In this you have to sit comfortably like a chicken. This yoga pose increase strength and flexibility of legs and hips. Which help to bear labor pain.

(iv). Konasana :-

This yoga for normal delivery should be done after 5 month pregnancy which remove stiffness and increase flexibility and strength of whole body.

(v). Shavsana (Corpse pose) :-

This yoga pose very effective for metal peace and increase Patience level.

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Hope you have got beneficiary information about normal delivery process. Your suggestions are invited in the comment box to make the article more better.

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