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FitYog is starting online yoga classes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The online classes will be held from Monday to Saturday on the ZOOM app or Google Talk. On Sunday, the classes will be held on Facebook Live. The timings will be Morning 6AM to 7AM and 9AM to 10AM. Evening timings will be 5PM to 6PM and 6PM to 7PM. The minimum batch capacity is 10 members. The fee for Online Yoga Classes is INR 800 per person.

Why Online Yoga Classes Are Useful

There are many benefits of online yoga classes in today’s scenario. As we all know that the world is suffering from COVID-19 pandemic, we need to take care of our health. One of the most important aspects of keeping yourself safe during this pandemic is to boost your immunity and fitness. FitYog’s online yoga classes will make you keep yourself healthy from the comfort of your own home. There’s nothing in comparison to your wellbeing that is necessary these days. Online yoga classes by FitYog can be a great health package for your whole family. Don’t forget to suggest this to your friends and relatives.

Benefits of Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama

Yoga activities have been proven to increase the disease fighting capability of your body without the need for medications. In addition to keeping you physically fit, yoga, meditation and pranayama have major positive effects on your mental health.

Many people are suffering from subconscious depression, getting restricted within their homes. Hence, meditation is one of the best remedies to keep mental balance and health checked. To stay healthy and fight dangerous diseases, it is important to keep an equilibrium between physical and mental health.

Our Great Features

If you think you have gained some extra pounds sitting at home, we can help you out. FitYog online classes for weight loss workout programs to help you lose that extra fat and regain your shape. One of the most dangerous enemies for one’s health is fat, which affects heart and brain health. It is required to maintain proper weight about proper BMI index. Our cardio workouts are programmed to be easily followed within the comfort of your own home.

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Don’t limit yourself at home. Get up and give your mind and body the gift of good health with FitYog’s online yoga classes.

Monthly Plan

Rs 800


Classes Will Be in

Morning 6AM to 7AM and 9AM to 10AM


Evening 5PM to 6PM and 6PM to 7PM

Monday To Friday on ZOOM or Google Talk


Sunday on Facebook Live.


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