Must know the junk food disadvantages before you addicted it.

Friends, Junk food and Fast food are two such words which we listen to every day. And we consumed them more than 2 or 3 times in a day. But we have never noticed that this junk food and fast food is very unhealthy food for us.

So let’s try to know in detail about junk food and fast food in this article.

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1. What is junk food & Fast food :-

Junk food lacks of nutrients like proteins, carbohydrates & vitamins etc. Due to which the body gets only calories by eating them. Which invites obesity and other diseases.

That’s why they are also called garbage food. Junk food is mostly bossy and packed food. Common Junk food examples are French Fries, Potato Chips, Pizza, Cold Drink, Momos, Chowmein etc.

Fast food is food, that made quickly. Half the work of cooking or making these food is already prepared and these food gets cooked quickly in oil on gas. That’s why these foods are called fast food. Such as:- Burger, Falooda, Bhature, Pasta, Maggi etc.

Therefore, there is not much difference between junk food and fast food, but one thing is common in both of them that the amount of nutrients is very low in both.

2. Junk food list & Images :-

Junk food contains a lot of calories, which is the main reason for increasing body weight. Because taking extra 500 calories per day can increase body weight upto 2 to 3 kg in 1 month.

And this junk food is an extra part of our diet, so you can guess from this fast food list, at what speed you are moving towards obesity.


junk food list

We will try to understand the bad effects on health of these 5 most commonly consumed junk food.

(i). Potato chips :-

Potato chips are the most widely consumed junk food in the world. Because potato chips are eaten many time in a day. Now whether it is travel time, gossip with friends, or for watching movies.

junk food disadvantages

Potato chips increase cholesterol level in the body very quick. Because 100 grams of chips contain 35 grams of unsaturated fat and 547 calories. Which later may give rise to many heart diseases and obesity.

(ii). Pizza :-

Sugar and spice level is very high in Pizza. Most of the time vegetable combination also not right in pizza. Pizza is not a easy digestible food.

(iii). Chowmein :-

White flour and sodium salt used in chowmein, Maggi and noodles. Due to this carbohydrate and unsaturated fat increase in body.

junk food disadvantages

Calories level is very high in this unhealthy junk food Which is main reason for obesity.

(iv). Pestri :-

In pesto bread and cream used which is the big source of carbohydrates and calories. Harmful effects of this junk food is obesity and high blood pressure.

(v). Burger :-

Burger also combination of cheese, bread, sodium salt and salty souse which are the very high calories food items. A simple without cheese, burger have more than 350 calories.


3. Reason of Junk food cravings :-

Friends, despite knowing the disadvantages of eating fast food and junk food, we are not able to live without eating them. The biggest reason of this is the Peppery & spicy taste of Junk food & fast food.

But it is not at all that these junk and fast food are actually delicious.

The reason of the taste and craving of junk food is “Ajinomoto” which is a type of sodium salt.

Ajinomoto deactivates our taste glands, due to which the taste of our mouth changes. And we like salty, spicy, Peppery and sauce-rich food.

4. Junk food disadvantages :-

(i). Weight gain :-

The amount of calories and sugar in junk food is very high. Because In junk food white flour and oil used excessive. Which is biggest reason of obesity.

junk food disadvantages

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(ii). Digestive problem :-

Sugar and carbohydrates level is very high in junk food. So it affects our digestive system very badly. Junk food disadvantages is it take very long time for digestion so, Constipation problem mostly happened.

(iii). Tooth decay :-

The carbs and sugars in junk food form acids. Which starts destroying the tooth enamel. And the cavity starts to grow. And then tooth decay starts.

(iv). Heart diseases :-

Biggest Harmful effects of junk food is increase cholesterol and sodium level in body. Due to this blood pressure increase. Which increase heart related diseases.

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(v). Skin problem :-

Due to eating too much junk food & fast food, there is a problem of “eczema” which causes swelling, itching, boils, pimple and dryness in the skin.

(vi). Diabetes and Cancer diseases :-

Junk food is high in carbohydrates and lacks fiber. During digestion of junk food sugar flows in more quantity. Which causes diabetes.

And by eating junk food continuously for a long time, the amount of sodium also increases which causes many types of cancer disease.

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(vii). Muscles and Bones become week :-

The lack of nutrients in fast and junk food is a big reason of weak bones and muscles.

(viii). Headache & Stress :-

Regular headache and stress are the one of the harmful effects of junk food.

5. How to avoid junk food cravings :-

(i). Take healthy Breakfast :-

Be sure to eat fruits, milk and dry fruits in the morning breakfast. Because by taking nutrients in the morning breakfast, the need of the body is fulfilled and the desire to eat fast food will end.

(ii). Plan Your Diet ahead :-

The availability of healthy food decreases the junk food cravings. If you plan Lunch and evening snacks already then your mood not swing towards junk and fast food.

(iii). Change your diet plan in regular interval :-

Change the food item in your daily diet in regular interval. With this your taste will change and you will not get bored with the taste of the same food item.

(iv). Avoid to stock Junk and Fast food in home :-

Try to avoid store Chowmein, Bread, Maggi, Chips, Pizza, etc. junk and fast food in home. Because The easy availability of junk food and fast food makes us addicted to it.

For avoiding junk food Keep Stock of healthy foods like seasonal fruits and dairy product in your pantry, refrigerator and freezer.

(v). Take proper sleep :-

Lack of sleep also plays a big role in junk food cravings. Therefore, take at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep.

(vi). Mindful eating :-

Mindful eating can help us break junk food habits while enjoying the taste of junk food occasionally.

(vii). More focus on Protein Diet :-

If you focus on protein and nutrition diet your craving for junk food decreases.

In this article, we have understood that the more delicious it is to eat fast food and junk food, the more it is harmful for our health. But with some precautions and awareness, the addiction of eating fast food and junk food of adults as well as children can be overcome.

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  • really appreciate the wisdom, body positivity and holistic approach you’ve taken to a well-worn subject.

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