How to get pregnant fast : Just know your exact ovulation day on fingers.

Motherhood happiness is the biggest desire and ultimate happiness of every married woman. But in today’s time, due to irregular lifestyle, irregular eating, contaminated environment and lack of proper information about Pregnancy, getting pregnant has become a big problem and challenge for married women.

But if there is a problem, there is definitely a solution to it. So today in this article when and How to get pregnant fast ? When can a woman get pregnant after menstruation? will make a successful attempt to understand the solution of all questions and confusions in detail.

how to get pregnant fast

But for this, you have to carefully read the article completely. So, let’s understand How to get pregnant very well from the following points of the table of contents.

Table content :-

1. How to get pregnant fast :-

Having sex between a man and a woman in the ovary period (on Ovulation day) is best time to get pregnant after your period.

During sex (intercourse), then the sperm of the man through the vagina meets the egg in the ovary through the Fallopian tube.  As soon as the sperm enters the egg, it forms a solid covering on the outer wall of the egg.

This whole process is called fertilization. Which is the first step of How to get pregnant fast. After fertilization, the egg comes out of the ovary and sticks to the uterus to form a fetus, which is called conception / Pregnancy.

But Being pregnant depends on 3 main things.

  • The formation of an egg in the woman’s ovary.
  • Sperm count and sperm quality in a man’s semen.
  • Opening of the Fallopian tubes.

(a). The formation of an egg in the woman’s ovary :-

Normally one egg is formed in the ovary every month during the life span of a woman/girl from the age of 13 to 45 years. And in the whole life time, about 400 eggs are formed in the ovary of the woman. If the egg is formed in the ovary on time and then it is easy to get pregnant.

egg making during ovulation period for pregnancy

image source:- Dr. Mayuri Kothiwala

But if the egg is not able to form in the ovary, then it is not able to make a full-fledged egg, then pregnancy does not hold.

(b). Sperm count and sperm quality of man’s semen :-

Pregnancy is achieved by the union of the sperm of the man’s semen and the egg of the woman. But for this, a man’s healthy sperm count should be at least 40 million/milliliter and motility is at least 25 micrometers per second.

But if the healthy sperm count and motility are low, then this also becomes a hindrance to getting pregnant.

(c). Opening of the fallopian tubes :-

The fallopian tube is the tube-like part of the reproductive system in which the egg and sperm meet after sex. And this process is called fertilization of the egg.

But if the duct of the fallopian tube is blocked or narrowed, the sperm cannot reach the egg. As a result the egg cannot be fertilized. Because of this reason also pregnancy does not occur.

Image source:-Lybrate

But in today’s time, the closed or narrowed fallopian tubes can be opened easily in some time by the catheterization procedure without surgery.

2. Ovulation period for pregnancy :-

In Ovary period Ovulation day is 1 day in a month in which the egg is formed in the ovary and the maximum life of this egg is 24 hours.

In the menstrual cycle, the day of ovulation plays a big role in getting pregnant. Every woman’s period cycle is usually 28 days. But this period cycle time can be more or less 2 to 3 days in every woman, which confuses in knowing the time of Fertile days after period (Ovulation day).

To find out the ovulation period for pregnancy, we only have to reduce 14 days from our monthly period cycle, the day that is left, is the day of ovulation. We can also know the day of ovulation from the ovulation kit which is easily available in the medical shop & amazon website.

For example, we assume that the monthly period cycle is of 30 days. And if the period cycle starts on the 1st of this month, then your ovulation day will be 30-14 = 16th day.

And if the monthly cycle is of 28 days then the day of ovulation will be 28 -14 = 14th day.

But this time can be 2 or 3 days earlier or even later due to the hormones of the body, so in a 30-day monthly cycle, the highest probability of getting pregnancy is from the 13th day to the 19th day after the first day of the period. Because this time is your Ovulation period for pregnancy.

Know your Fertile days for getting pregnant

Therefore, from the 11th day to the 19th day, except for one day, a man and a woman should have sex for getting pregnancy. This is best pregnancy tips for first time moms.

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3. How many days to get pregnant :-

The egg is formed on Ovulation day and if it mates with a healthy sperm at the right time, then it takes 5 to 15 days to get pregnant.

There are two types of conditions in this, which determine 5 or 15 days to get pregnant.

(i). Condition 1st for get pregnant :-

If sex occurs within 24 hours after the egg is formed in the woman’s ovary, then the man’s sperm enters the egg through the fallopian tube from the vagina in just 3 to 5 minutes. After this, the egg changes from the 2 cell stage to the 8 cell stage in 5 to 8 days, and after this time period the egg sticks to the uterus and forms an embryo. Which is called get pregnant.

how many days to get pregnant know by fertilization of eggs

image source:- Dr. Mayuri Kothiwala

(ii). Condition 2nd for get pregnant :-

Sperm can alive in the Fallopian tubes for 5 to 7 days. If an egg is produced 5 or 6 days after having sex, then it will take up to 15 days to get pregnant.

4. Best time for pregnancy :-

From the above information, we have understood that the day of ovulation is the best pregnancy time. Ovulation day can be detected by I-know ovulation kit which easily available in medical store or amazon online shopping.

Also, the body hormones of the girl/woman are most balanced between the age of 22 years to 28 years, which is the Best time for pregnancy.

Sometimes pregnancy does not stop due to some inadvertence and lack of pregnancy information, so that we can avoid it by knowing below pregnancy tips.

5. When can a woman not get pregnant :-

  • Excessive stress reduces the efficiency of egg and sperm which is the biggest reason for not getting pregnant.
  • If the duct of the Fallopian tube is blocked or narrowed, pregnancy does not stop.
  • Continuously washing the penis and testicles with warm water does not prevent pregnancy.
  • Excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol by men and women also adversely affect sex ability. This is a major signs you can’t get pregnant.
  • The use of excessive contraceptive drugs also does not lead to pregnancy.
  • Excess obesity and irregular eating are the biggest reasons for not getting pregnant.

Hope you got the complete pregnancy information to get pregnant fast in this article. Your valuable suggestions are invited in the comment box to make the blog better.

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