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Whether a thought comes to mind every day or not, one thought always comes to the mind, How to be happy? and What is happiness? We try to search for these questions and answers throughout our life. Often, many people believe that a lot of wealth is the secret of happiness, but this is not the case at all. So, let’s find the root and real definition of Happiness.

What is happiness?

Feelings of joy, satisfaction, contentment, and fulfillment in life are an emotional state of Happiness. Happiness is a state of mind and has nothing to do with the external world. True happiness is not based on what you have, It’s about “WHO YOU ARE”.

Happiness is the joyful connection of a living being with other living beings or nonliving beings. When you are happy then energies are happening in a more exuberant way than it normally happens.

The basic mantra of how to be happy in life is in your mind, just need to feel and understand yourself. Like the smile of a small child, it brings a feeling of happiness in everyone’s mind and makes the mind happy.

what is happiness

In the same way, there are millions of reasons how to stay happy and billions of reasons to be unhappy. Just depends on you that you can find happiness even in misery or you see problems in happiness.

Let’s try to understand and feel the secrets of happiness in detail in this article.

How to be happy & 21 secrets of happiness :-

  1. Live in the present time: –

It has often been seen that memories of past or difficult times disturb us. There is no benefit to remembering those in the present time. Therefore, enjoy your present time for a Happy life.

  1. Enjoy your work: –

how to be happy

If you do your work diligently, then surely your mind will remain focused. And when the mind is concentrated, there is a feeling of happiness.

  1. Do meditation and yoga: –

kapalbhati yoga benefits

Regular yoga and meditation practice reduces stress levels and makes the body and mind feel very light and happy. By meditating, your brain gets a lot of rest. You can boost your mindfulness using audio-visual aids. For instance, you can find soothing tunes, add music to a video, and play it to boost your concentration.

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  1. Boost your self-confidence:-

The ability to make any decision depends on your confidence level. Self-confidence comes from knowledge and experience. The decision taken with self-belief always keeps the mind focused and calm. This is base of how to live a happy life.

  1. Always keep a smile on your face:- 

how to be happy

A happy person creates a pleasant atmosphere and a small smile is enough for this. So try to meet someone with warmth and a smile.

  1. Keep learning ardor:-

After seeing a successful person, we often think that he has achieved success in life, but I could not. And this makes us sad. This is not true at all, but we should learn from that successful person how he has achieved the goal by solving all those problems.

  1. Never compare yourself with others:-

Every person’s capacity and mood are different. Therefore, you can be good at some work and someone else at some work. Therefore, according to your goals, your abilities, and interests, systematically make them and make great efforts to achieve them. And be satisfied with yourself. If you do this, then you will never have to find an answer to a question like how to be happy in life.

  1. See the goodness in others:-

Always try to notice the good things in others and praise them. This increases mutual friendship and harmony. And you will feel good in the next meeting. This is the happiness secret that must adopted in daily life.

  1. Enjoy your favorite hobby:-

For a happy life, give time to your favorite hobby. This is the time that removes the fatigue of the day and refreshes the mind and body again.

  1. Do not expect more from others:-

If you want happiness in life, then depend on others at least. Because no one can understand your expectations better than you. By following this mantra you understand how to be happy in life.

  1. Do not be afraid of problems:-

Treat the problems as a part of life. Instead of being afraid of problems, you must learn how to be happy in these conditions. Because after crossing the hurdles of a race we can reach the finishing point.

how to be happy

  1. Stay in touch with inspirational people:-

You must have heard a famous saying “Melon changes color by looking at the melon” in the same way that, you live in the environment, and your mood becomes the same. Therefore, to stay happy, spend your time with more and more inspiring and motivational people and environment.

  1. Make sure to praise yourself:-

Whenever starting any work, Encourages himself. Because self-motivation and encouragement are more useful in increasing exuberant way excitement and energy than it normally happens. That is the definition of Happiness.

  1. Make your thinking creative and big:-

Always try to do something new and new way. This will never cause you boredom in any work. And you will be able to do every work with pleasure and enthusiasm.

  1. Take energetic balanced food:-

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body and an energetic balanced diet is very essential for a healthy body. Your favorite food makes your heart happy. And making the heart happy is the secret of happiness.

  1. Help the needy according to ability:-

Whenever a question is raised in your mind how to feel happy? Then, help the poor or needy, your mind gets very relaxed. Therefore, make donations from time to time according to your ability.

how to be happy in life

  1. Never consider sorrow as a mountain:-

Happiness and sorrow are coming and going in life and this is also the law of life. Therefore, always considering problems as trivial, You can feel happiness in sorrow.

  1. Avoid doing the past mistake of life:-

It is human nature to make a mistake, but always take the right lessons from the mistakes. And try to avoid making past mistakes in the present time. This quality is the basis of always being happy.

  1. Do not consider any work to be small:-

Karma is worship and no work is small or big, if you understand this, you do every work with full devotion. So the mind gets very happy and relaxed. And you don’t worry about how to feel happy.

  1. Spend more time with family and Friends:-

khush kaise rahe

Spending time with your friends and family is the key how to become happy. Scientifically it is proven that social time is a highly happiness moment for human beings.

  1. Spend time in the natural environment in the morning:-

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If you live near a green tree or green place, then your mind is more happy. That’s why we all go to a hill station to freshen up the mood. To be happy all day, you must visit the park in the morning. These are the most effective happy life tips.

Friends, These above tips are the secrets to finding happiness. We just need to understand & feel happiness.

We expect you must have found solutions to the question what is happiness in life?  how to be happy?  & How to make yourself happy?

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