High blood pressure symptoms,causes & treatment.

High blood pressure is a very serious problem of today’s time. No section of the society is untouched by this problem, whether it is a young or old person. Everyone is struggling with the problem of blood pressure. If you also want to understand how to eliminate blood pressure from the root, then definitely read this blog carefully till the end.

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(A). What is blood pressure :-

Blood supplies energy and strength to the whole body. The flow of blood in our body is through arteries. And in order to reach this blood throughout the body, the heart has to pump blood due to which there is pressure on the inner walls of the arteries, which we know as blood pressure.

Sphygmomanometer is used to measure blood pressure. You can buy it online from Amazon website on heavy discount for checking blood pressure at home.

(B). Normal blood pressure range :-

Blood pressure level normal range of a healthy person is up to 120/80 mmHg. 120 mmHg is systolic blood pressure and 80 mmHg is diastolic blood pressure.

When the heart pumps blood into the arteries, the pressure exerted on the inner walls of the arteries by the flow of blood is called Systolic blood pressure. It is also called upper blood pressure.

And when the heart relaxes, the pressure inside the arteries is called Diastolic blood pressure or lower blood pressure.

The stage of blood pressure largely depends on the age of the person and his lifestyle. From the following blood pressure chart, we can find out the stage of blood pressure.

normal blood pressure range

From the blood pressure chart, it is understood that the problem of High blood pressure/ hypertension starts from the 1st and 2nd stage of hypertension. But again the question comes in the mind that why does the blood pressure increase? So let’s discuss in detail the reasons for increasing blood pressure.

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(C). Causes of high blood pressure :-

  1. The main reason for the increase in blood pressure, the thickening of the blood and the accumulation of cholesterol on the inner surface of the arteries causes the arteries to shrink, due to which the heart has to exert more pressure to pump blood. In this condition, the blood pressure increases.
  2. Smoking and being obese are the biggest reasons for having high blood pressure (160 over 110).
  3. Cholesterol gets deposited in the arteries due to the constant consumption of salt and spicy food, due to which the heart has to apply more pressure to pump blood.
  4. Excessive and continuous alcohol consumption is the main causes of sudden high blood pressure.
  5. Unnecessary stress, insomnia and anxiety are symptoms of high blood pressure.
  6. By not doing physical and mental exercise, we invite blood pressure to increase every day.
  7. Heart function decreases with age.
  8. Chronic kidney disease, adrenal and thyroid disorders are also the main causes of high blood pressure.

We can control all the above causes of high blood pressure to a great extent by knowing the symptoms of high blood pressure at the very beginning.

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(D). High blood pressure symptoms (high bp symptoms) :-

  1. The heartbeat becomes irregular, due to which there is difficulty in breathing.
  2. Severe headache and chest pain are the common High blood pressure symptoms.
  3. In high bp symptoms mostly person Feel tired quickly.
  4. Nosebleeds come again and again.
  5. Sometimes there is blood in the urine in very high blood pressure.

Even after knowing the symptoms of high blood pressure, the question arises in the mind that how to reduce high blood pressure immediately? So we can get the answer of this question by adopting the following measures.

(E). High blood pressure treatment :-

(1). To eliminate blood pressure from the root, first of all, physical obesity has to be removed.

(2). Anulom Vilom Pranayama, Paschimottanasana and Setuband Asana should be done regularly in the morning of yoga practice to eliminate high blood pressure instantly and forever.

(3). Be sure to get good, restful sleep for the treatment and diagnosis of high blood pressure.

(4). From the day you quit smoking and drinking, you will win a battle to root out high blood pressure.

(5). For home treatment of high blood pressure, eat more potassium and less sodium food and soak 3 to 4 raisins in water at night and then chew it well in the morning and eat it for a few days.

(6). BP Tel 40mg Tablet, Tigatel 40 Tablet, Omega-3, etc. can be taken in the form of blood pressure pills on the advice of a doctor for the treatment of high blood pressure.

(7). Renal angioplasty procedure will reduce blood pressure from the root.

(8). As a home remedy for high blood pressure, eating garlic soaked in water is very beneficial.

Friends, by adopting all the above measures, we will be able to control high blood pressure immediately. and lead a healthy and happy life. But you should first consult your Doctor because every person physical and mental body condition is different.

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