Heart attack symptoms, causes,Heart blockage test and Prevention.

Heart attack is a very serious and most common problem of today. A few decades ago, the disease of heart attack was commonly seen in older people. But at present, this disease has been seen very much in the youth group as well.

The main reason for the occurrence of heart attack in the youth is stressful and irregular lifestyle. But with a little awareness, this heart disease can be prevented. In this article, we will get detailed information on all aspects of heart attack disease.

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What is heart attack ?

Heart supplies blood throughout our body through veins (blood tubes). But when there is a blockage in these veins, the blood flow to the heart starts decreasing. Due to which the heart cells start getting destroyed.

As a result, there is pain in the heart, difficulty in breathing starts. And the flow of blood to the heart stops. This problem is called heart attack disease.

Heart attack

Symptoms of heart attack :-

Generally, many changes begin in the body before a heart attack occurs. Which people often ignore as a normal change. Which later lead to heart disease.

(i). There is pain in the left shoulder and chest in case of excessive tension. And this pain moves behind the back and ribs. And after some time the pain disappears by itself. If this condition is getting worse then it is the first and most visible symptom of heart attack.

(ii). Feeling tired and sweating without doing any hard work are the initial symptoms of heart attack.

(iii). Our heart beats 60 to 72 times in a minute. If the heartbeat is continuously becoming irregular under normal circumstances, then it is a symptom of heart attack.

(iv). If there is constant swelling in the hand or heel, then it is a sign that the heart is not able to pump blood.

Causes of heart attack :-

There are 5 main heart attack reason are.

(i). Diabetes :- Excess amount of sugar in the body destroys the nerves of the heart. Which causes blockage of blood flow, due to which heart attack comes.

(ii). High blood pressure : – Due to high BP, there is a lot of pressure on the heart. Which is the biggest cause of heart attack.

(iii). Smoking, excessive consumption of tobacco and alcohol : – Due to excessive smoking, consumption of tobacco and alcohol, there is a very bad effect on the cells of the heart and liver. Which later causes heart.

(iv). High cholesterol and obesity : – By eating more fried and junk food, the amount of cholesterol in the body increases, due to which there is a blockage / jam in the blood cells.

Due to which the supply of blood to the heart stops and the chances of heart attack increase.

(v). Genetic Factor :- Sometimes heart attack disease is hereditary. If the parents have had a heart attack problem, then the children are also likely to have a heart attack problem.

Heart blockage test :-

If the heart blockage is detected in time, then the treatment of heart disease becomes very easy. Following are the major heart blockages test from which the level of heart blockage is easily known.

(i) Lipid profile test :-

The main cause of blockage is the high amount of cholesterol in the blood, and the lipid profile test easily reveals the amount of different types of fats and cholesterol present in the blood.

Such as: – Cholesterol, Triglycerides, H.D.L, V.L.D.L and L.D.L etc.

In this heart blockage test, a blood sample is taken from the person on an empty stomach. And the amount of various fats and cholesterol is detected by blood test. Which indicates the level of blockage. Which you can understand from the following lipid profile test report.


(ii) Ecg test (Electrocardiogram) :-

Ecg test is most commonly used to detect heart blockage and heart disease. The ECG test detects the lack of oxygen in the blood vessels, blockage in the veins, tissue and abnormal position and size of the heart.

In this test, 10 to 12 electronic electrodes are placed on the fingers of the person’s chest, hands and feet, after examining the waves coming out of the arteries and heart, the report comes in the form of a graph on the paper. By which heart blockage is detected.

This is a painless and quick test. The fee for this test is generally Rs 100 to 200.

(iii). TMT test :-

This is also a type of Ecg test, in which the waves coming out of the arteries and heart of the body are tested while running.

In this test, a person is made to run on a trade mill and electronic electrodes are applied to the person’s chest and fingers of the hand.

(iv). Ct angiography test :-

CT angiography heart test is a type of X-ray imaging procedure. In which a special type of contrast dye is injected into the heart and blood vessels (coronary arteries) to detect narrowing and blockage in the coronary arteries.

Now images (x-rays) of the blockage are taken out by CT scanner and computer.

heart blockage test

CT angiography report tells about blockage in coronary arteries by X-ray picture, percentage of blockage, location of blockage, nature of blockage, calcium score etc.

(v). Echocardiography test :-

Echocardiography is an ultrasound of the heart that shows the pumping power and structure of the heart. The pumping power of the heart means that how much percentage of blood is flowing by heart. A healthy person heart is able to pump 55 to 65 percent of the blood.

In this test, the doctor tests the contraction and expansion (pumping power) of the heart by applying a gel on the person’s chest and rotating a probe over the chest. The contraction and expansion of the heart is all visible on a computer screen.

This test does not give information about heart attack blockage. This test is very useful for people having heart attack in past.

Heart attack prevention :-

Prevention of heart disease is its biggest treatment. Because it is very difficult to live a 100% normal lifestyle again after a heart attack, so improving your lifestyle and routine before the heart attack is the only treatment for heart attack disease.

(i). Minimal use of fat and fat in food :-

Eggs, meat, fish, cashew nuts, almonds, vegetable oil, ghee and milk, etc., are rich in fat and fat content.

And this fat and fat content is the cause of blockage in the blood vessels of the heart (coronary arteries).

Therefore, using minimum fat in food is best home remedies for heart attack.

(ii). Do yoga regularly :-

Pranayama and asanas performed in yoga practice keep the body mentally and physically healthy. By practicing yoga regularly, the blockages of coronary arteries are opened and the amount of cholesterol and fat in the body is controlled.

To get detailed information about the benefits of Yoga Asanas and Pranayama, definitely read the following blog.

10 Wonderful Benefits of Yoga.

(iii). Reduce stress :-

Excess physical and mental stress adversely affects the functioning of the heart. 50% of heart attack cases are due to high stress.

Stress cannot be completely eliminated from our life, but it can be reduced to a great extent by some measures.

(iv). Awareness about heart attack :-

To prevent heart attack disease, every person should have complete information to keep the heart healthy. If there is a problem of high BP or sugar (diabetes), then its medicine has to be taken on time. High BP or sugar shoul to be kept under control to prevent heart attack.

(v). Get heart blockage test done from time to time :-

CT angiography heart blockage test must be done once after the age of 30.

This heart blockage test gives accurate information about the level of blockage in the blood vessels (coronary arteries), so that the possibility of heart attack can be removed in time.

And if there is a problem of high BP and sugar, then try to control them by getting them checked on time and in consultation with the doctor.

(vi). Avoid to consume smoking, tobacco and alcohol :-

Smoking, tobacco and alcohol consumption are the main causes of blockages in blood vessels. So avoid consuming them.

Therefore, it is necessary to be aware from the beginning to avoid the disease of heart attack. If you are feeling any kind of heart problem, then immediately get a heart blockage test done on the advice of a good heart doctor. and protect against heart disease.

Hop you get brief knowledge about heart attack disesace.Your suggestions are invited in the comment box to make the article more better.

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