Top 10 Hair Fall Reasons Which Are Responsible for Excessive Hair Loss Later

Often we have found that every day when we wake up, a bunch of hair falls makes us restless. And in today’s time, this problem has become of every age group. Now whether it is male or female!

Hair fall is a common process because new hair comes in place of old hair. If 50 to 100 hair fall then it is normal hair fall. But if the hair fall quantity is more than 100 hair then it is a Hair fall problem.

hair fall

But don’t worry if we identify the Hair fall reasons in beginning then it is easy to cure it. Let’s try to understand the all major Hair loss reasons.

Hair Fall Reasons:-

1. Hormone imbalance:-

In men, due to the excess of the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), the hair roots (follicles) become small and weak. Due to this the hair becomes thin and starts falling. DHT is the impaired form of the testosterone hormone.

Women’s hair is also weak and thin due to the conversion of some androgen hormones in the body into DHT. This is the major hair loss reasons in females.

2. Nutritional deficiencies:-

Hair roots get nutrition from the food which we eat. But The lack of nutrients like Protein, vitamins, iron, zinc, copper, etc. in the diet is the main reason for hair loss.

Vitamins B and D is the main sources of hair growth and new hair. Hair loss starts due to a Lack of these vitamins.

3. Hair fall due to Thyroid:-

Due to thyroid hormone imbalance, consumption of nutrition’s very fast so the hair doesn’t get the proper amount of nutrition. First hair becomes thin and then starts falling regularly.

4. Androgenic Alopecia:-

Both men and women can be affected by this genetic condition. In men who have this condition, their hair starts falling even in their teenage years. This is known as male-pattern baldness. It is marked by gradual hair loss and hairline from the frontal scalp.

Women affected by this have thinning hair after their forties. This is known as Hair loss in front of the head female and maximum hair loss occurs near the crown.

5. Traction Alopecia:-

Traction alopecia is an excessive hair fall reason because in this condition hair being pulled tight in the same way for a long time. For example, having a particular tight hairstyle or ponytail.

Keeping Regular Tight hairstyle is the reason for tension and stress on root of hair. So hair growth decrease and hair start becoming thin.

The use of a tight comb is also a major reason for hair fall.

6. Use of more Hair cosmetics :-

In today’s fashion time Major hair fall reasons for males & females is excessive hairdressing such as hair curling, hair drying, coloring, etc.

hair fall reasons

Because Due to Regular use of hair dryer and hair dye, hair shine and softness losses.

7. Stress:-

Taking more stress is also one of the major reasons for hair loss. Because due to stress hormone balance disturb in body.

If anybody takes more stress than Substance P (SP) release. Substance P is a neuropeptide made up of 11 amino acids. This effect negatively of hair growth and destroy scalp cells.

8. Ringworm and Fungal infection of the scalp:-

Ringworm is form of fungal infection of scalp. This problem occurs when dead cell increase on the scalp and no proper cleaning of scalp. This type of problem mostly seen in children.

9. Medications :-

Some cancer Medications like cytotoxic also reason for hair loss. These medicines are mostly used in chemotherapy or radiation treatment. Which make weak the root of hair so hair fall start.

10. Pregnancy :-

In pregnancy due to lack of nutrition’s hair fall. But it is tempera situation temporary. Most of the ladies recover hair again sometimes.

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