Don’t ignore the early symptoms of diabetes ! Immediately identify blood sugar levels with changes in urine.

In today’s time we are struggling every day with a new health problem. And the biggest reason for this is Diabetes. Diabetes disease is also known as Sugar disease. In whole world aprox. 450 million people suffering from Diabites in 2021.

 symptoms of diabetes/sugar

But when we see diabetes patient ratio in India and U.S.A it is very high. In India about 6% population and in U.s.a about 10.5% population is suffering from Diabetes in 2021.

Symptoms of diabetes/sugar are seen in all age groups, whether it is a boy/girl of 10 years or old age of 70 years. But in time, diabetes can be controlled and cured. So let’s make a successful attempt to understand all aspects of diabetes.

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  1. What is diabetes :-

The cells of our body get energy from whatever food we eat. And we get this energy in the form of glucose or sugar. Our blood carry this glucose as energy in all parts of the whole body. If the amount of glucose is high in blood, then glucose is not completely converted into energy and most of the glucose remains in blood. Which causes the blood to thicken. This problem is called Diabetes.

A healthy human’s blood sugar level is 70 to 100 mg/dl on an empty stomach and 140 mg/dl after a meal. Blood sugar can be easily checked at home with Glucometer.

diabetes symptoms

  1. Diabetes type :-

The root cause of diabetes is the lack of insulin hormone or the inability to use insulin hormone by the cells of the body. Both these types of diabetes problems are called type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes respectively.

(a). Type 1 Diabetes :-

Type 1 diabetes is a condition in which the beta cells of your body start getting destroyed. Due to which the pancreas is unable to make the insulin hormone. Diabetes type 1 occurs in 90% of young people and newborns, so it is also called juvenile diabetes.

(b). Type 2 Diabetes :-

In diabetes type 2, the pancreas reduces its efficiency, due to which insulin hormone is reduced and even which insulin hormone make that is not able to function effectively. Due to which the quantity of sugar in the blood increases and due to thickening of the blood pattern, many diseases are born in the body.

The biggest problem in diabetes type 2 is that even after having diabetes, it is not known for a long time without physical examination. And if  Type 2 Diabetes is cured even after taking treatment, then there is a possibility of it happening again.

(c). Gestational diabetes :-

Due to hormonal changes in the body of women during pregnancy, the amount of glucose in the body increases too much after eating. This types of diabetes is called Gestational diabetes. Due to which the newborn can have diseases like heart diseases, gout, nervous system disorders.

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  1. Diabetes symptoms :-

The symptoms of sugar/diabetes depends on what type of diabetes is it ? If it is diabetes type 1, symptoms appear suddenly and quickly and if it is diabetes type 2, then symptoms are gradually revealed.

But you Don’t worry, if we identify in beginning the symptoms of diabetes/sugar then we can control and cured it easily. Let’s understand common diabetes symptoms.

  • Body weight suddenly starts to increase or decrease.weight loss tips
  • Repeatedly there is a regular feeling of hunger even if you have already eaten food.
  • Common Symptoms of diabetes is regular felt Extreme fatigue.
  • Every time feel very thirsty is the main Diabetes symptoms.
  • There is tingling, pain or numbness in the hands/feet.
  • Diabetic patient’s injuries or wounds not heal for a long time.
  • Major Signs of diabetes is The eye becomes blurred.
  • The immunity of the body decreases, due to which many types of diseases start occurring in the body.
  • There is an extreme change in urination, which has been discussed in detail in the point of symptoms of sugar in urine.

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  1. Urine sugar symptoms :-

Symptoms of diabetes are first seen in urine. But often we ignore the symptoms of sugar in urine due to lack of information. So let’s understand all these sugar/diabetes symptoms of urine.

  • The order of urination increases. Which is about 12 to 15 times or more in a day.
  • Urine comes intermittently and does not come completely at once.
  • Urination suddenly comes with high pressure. Which is several times in the clothes before going to the toilet several times. And it is not even realized.
  • The urine smells bad and the color of urine is also blurred or beige.
  • After urinating, ants get stuck in the toilet. Because the amount of sugar in urine is high.urine diabetes symptoms
  • There is a burning sensation in the bladder while urinating.
  1. What causes diabetes :-

The amount of sugar in the blood is controlled by the insulin hormone and this insulin hormone is secreted by the pancreas. If the secretion of insulin hormone is reduced or stopped, the amount of sugar in the blood becomes uncontrolled which leads to Diabetes /sugar disease. Let’s understand other causes of diabetes in briefly.

  • Excessive obesity, uncontrolled routines, uncontrolled eating, and no exercise affect the pancreas. Due to which the efficiency of pancreas decreases and the insulin hormone secretion is reduced or stopped.
  • In Diabetes type 2, which insulin hormone make that is not able to function.
  • The causes of diabetes / sugar is also genetic. There is also a genetic transfer of diabites from parents to children.
  • Body and harmonic changes in pregnancy are also due to Gestational diabetes.
  • Not getting enough sleep is also main causes of diabetes / sugar.
  1. Prevention of diabetes :-

The effect of medicines in reducing diabetes is minimal and also taking long time. Diabetes type 1 and Diabetes type 2 can be reduced and controlled by improving dietary control and some daily routines.

(a). Do regular Yoga :-

kapalbhati yoga pranayama

Blood sugar levels can be controlled by regular yoga practice. Kapalbhati Kriya , Anulom vilom pranayama and Surya namaskar yoga  increase the efficiency of pancreas. As a result, there is good release of insulin hormone in the body.

(b). Avoid more sugar food :-

Eating sweet food like sugar, jaggery, potatoes, sweets and chocolate etc. should be minimized. Because the quantity of sugar is high in sweet food.

(c). Eat Berries :-

Prevention of diabetes

Berries seeds contain compounds such as jamboline and jambosin which slow down the rate of sugar formation. Due to which the efficiency of pancreas increases and the secretion of insulin hormone increases. Berries can be consumed by soaking it in water and making powder of its seeds.

(d). Fenugreek (Methi seeds) :

It is very effective to use fenugreek seeds 3 to 4 times a day for prevention of diabetes immediately. Soaking fenugreek in water at least 4 houres then drink this water and you can also eat it directly. Fenugreek contains fiber that absorbs sugars and does not allow sugars to form.

(e). Increase the amount of vegetables in food :-

50% of your food plate should contain vegetable. We can understand this as well if you are hungry for four Chapati (roti), then you should eat 2 Chapati and keep the rest for green vegetables.

(f). Patanjali medicine for diabetes :-

As an ayurvedic Patanjali medicine of diabetes, you can take  2 tablets in the morning of any one of Divya Madhunashini Vati, Giloy Ghanvati, Chandraprabha Vati.

(g). Regular intake of basil leaf and Bitter gourd juice on empty stomach in the morning is very effective to diabetes prevention.

By adopting all these measures and prevention we can control diabetes type 1 and diabetes type 2 to a great extent.

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