10 types of contraceptive method for avoid pregnancy naturally.

Planning is very important in today’s busy and hectic lifestyle. Now whether it is career planning or family planning in married life. And unwanted pregnancy is a very big problem. Due to this Many times women take wrong medicine or wrong decisions to prevent pregnancy.

Therefore, in this article, we will make a successful attempt to understand How to avoid pregnancy naturally from each point of the table content list.

Table content :-

1. How to avoid pregnancy :-

We can overcome the problem of unwanted pregnancy with some precautions and home remedies to avoid pregnancy, which do not have any side effect.

(i) Do not have sex on the day of ovulation :-

how to avoid pregnancy

There is only one day in a month when an egg is formed in a girl’s uterus and its life is 24 hours, if during this time it is not in contact with sperm, then pregnancy (conception) does not happen.

You can understand the ovulation time from the following picture.

how to avoid pregnancy naturally

From the ovulation chart you will be able to know that if menstrual cycle is 30 days, then after the first day of the period, from the 11th day to the 19th day, sex should not be done without precaution.

According ovulation chart you have only 4 to 5 safe days to avoid pregnancy which is before the menstrual cycle start. But it’s work only when period cycle is stable or regular.

(ii). Withdrawal method of contraception (coitus interruptus) :-

Do not leave male’s semen in the vagina during sex. This is the best way to avoid pregnancy with full enjoyment.

Because without sperm, pregnancy is not possible. But in this remedy both men and women have to be a little aware.

(iii) Use of male or female condom :-

In today’s time, male condoms and female condoms are easily available in the medical shop, which do not allow the union of sperm and egg after having sex. This contraceptive home remedy is the easiest and most effective.

how to avoid pregnancy naturally

(iv) Intrauterine device (IUD) :-

It is “T” shaped device Made of plastic or copper. This device is placed in the woman’s uterus which avoid the sperm entry into uterus.

It is also known as “copper T”. This device work efficiently 3 to 5 years.

(v). Birth control implant :-

This device like a small and thin flexible matchstick spleen. This is fitted in girl’s upper arm skin. This implant releases progestin hormones in the body, which avoid ovulation process.

(vi). Emergency contraceptive pills :-

After unprotected sex, The emergency contraceptive pill should take before 72 hours for avoiding unwanted pregnancy. It is the best solution for how to stop pregnancy after sex.

If emergency contraceptive pills like I-Pill ,Unwanted-72, Ezy pill etc. took just after sex then it is 95% effective to stop pregnancy. And I-Pill and Unwanted-72 are the best contraceptive pills in india.

(vii). More Turmeric milk to avoid pregnancy :-

More Turmeric milk is also the natural remedy for how to stop unwanted pregnancy. Because Turmeric is a hot type spice.

After having sex, If couple drink a glass of water or milk mixed with a spoonful turmeric powder, slows down the activity of sperm and egg, due to which sperm and egg cannot meet.

(viii). Eating of Unripe Papaya, Papaya Seeds and Pineapple :-

Even if you get pregnant after sex, then immediately consume raw papaya, or papaya seeds or pineapple twice a day for the next 7 days does prevent unwanted pregnancy naturally.

how to avoid pregnancy naturally


(ix). Eating Raw garlic :-

Raw Garlic is a very good contraceptive Ayurvedic medicine. Because raw garlic is a hot food ingredient. For the next 5 days after sex, eating a piece of raw garlic in the morning and evening, does not stop pregnancy.

(x). Contraceptive oil:-

Neem oil is an Ayurvedic medicine of contraception. It is the best contraceptive home remedy because by applying neem oil on the vagina and penis, the sperm becomes completely inactive.

Friends, in this way with a little awareness, we can prevent untimely and  unwanted pregnancy by adopting these home remedies to prevent pregnancy.

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2. Name of pills to prevent pregnancy :-

This contraceptive pills are easily available in various brands in the medical shop and online. There are 4 types of pregnancy stop tablets which names are as follows.

  • Progestin only pill or Mini pill
  • Combination pills
  • Emergency contraceptive pills
  • Centrochroman (Ormeloxigain) Tablet

Contraceptive tablet/pills controls the progestin and estrogen hormones in a woman’s body.

Due to which the progestin hormone does not allow the egg to be made and the estrogen hormone thickens the mucus (a type of fluid) found in the vagina, so that the sperm cannot enter the uterus itself. As a result fertilization does not take place and pregnancy does not take place.

Even if you have forgotten to take the contraceptive tablet after having sex, there are some contraceptive pill to avoid pregnancy after 72 hours to up to 2 months.

But by using them again and again, physical side effects are seen in the body of the woman, so they should not be taken without the advice of the doctor.

(i). Progestin only pill or Mini pill

This contraceptive pill is to be taken with water every day after consultation with the doctor. The mini pill contains the hormone progestin.

Which thins the lining of the uterus and thickens the mucus (the creamy liquid in the vagina) due to which the egg does not form and even if it is made, it does not allow the sperm to meet the egg.

Some progestin only or mini contraceptive tablets name and price in india are as follows.

Progestin only or Mini contraceptive tablets name and price
Sr.No  Contraceptive tablets name Price (21 Tablets)
1 Ethinyl Estradiol 0.01mg Tablet 600.0 Rs
2 Yasmin Tablet 498.0 Rs
3 Crisanta Tablet 347.0 Rs
4 Ovral L 120.0 Rs
5 Triquilar Tablet 80.0 Rs

(ii). Combination pills

This type of contraceptive pills contains both progestin and estrogen hormones which do not allow pregnancy. This contraceptive pill is also to be taken one tablet every day with water after consultation with the doctor.

(iii). Emergency contraceptive pills

This contraceptive pill is very useful after forget to take mini pill or combination pill.

Contraceptive pills can prevent pregnancy till 72 hours after having sex, it is successful in preventing pregnancy up to 85% and if taken immediately after having sex, it is effective in preventing pregnancy up to 95%. And this one pill is taken only once.

If vomiting occurs after 2 hours after taking emergency contraceptive pills, then there is nothing to panic. Many times this happens. But if vomiting comes before 2 hours, then again after some time take one more pill.

Emergency contraceptive pills in india is easily available in the medical shop and online shoping as the contraceptive pills names of I-Pill, Unwanted-72, Ezy pill etc.

And the price range of these contraceptive tablets from only Rs 80 to Rs 150.

(iv). Centrochroman (Ormeloxigain) Tablet

This pill also prevents egg production in the ovary. It is taken once a week.

But it always advice that The contraceptive pill should always be taken only after consulting a doctor.

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3. When to take birth control pills :-

As we have discuss in the above article that there are 4 types of contraceptive pills.

(i). Contraceptive progestin only pill or mini pill, or combination pill You have to take 1 pill every day for the whole month.

(ii). The emergency contraceptive pill is to be taken only once after sex.

(iii). And the centrochroman is to take once a week.

4. Contraceptive pills benefits :-

  • Prevents unwanted pregnancies instantly.
  • The age gap between two children (Family planning) can easily be maintained.
  • You can enjoy sex in a natural way.
  • Best benefits of Contraceptive pills reduce the swelling of the pelvic area.
  • Birth control pills can be beneficial in preventing uterine cancer (endometrial cancer).

5. Contraceptive pills side effects :-

  • Consuming the contraceptive pill continuously for a long time increases or decreases the number of days of the period cycle.
  • There is more or less bleeding in the menstrual cycle.
  • Due to birth control pills side effects Digestive problems start.
  • Increasing obesity is long-term side effects of emergency contraceptive pills.
  • Vomiting, headache, pimples on the face, nausea, etc. are common side effects of emergency contraceptive pills.

Hope, like every time, you have got very good information from this article about how to avoid pregnancy naturally & safe days to avoid pregnancy.

Your suggestions are invited in the comment box to make the article better.

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