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Home Yoga Classes

Stay healthy without stepping out, Get experienced personal Yoga trainer at your Home with FitYog Home Yoga Classes.

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Corporate Yoga Classes

Healthy Employees lead to high productivity, Keep your work environment Healthy with FitYog Corporate Yoga Services.

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Kids Fitness Classes

Health is the most critical part of your children upbringing, keep your kids healthy with FitYog Kids Fitness Classes.

Go to Aerobics classes

Aerobics classes

Learn about how aerobic classes, exercises and trainings can be beneficial for to your health. Get our aerobics class in Jaipur.

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Dance classes

Dance is the most Fun way to keep your body and soul health, FitYog presenting Dance Classes to keep your soul and body healthy.

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Zumba Classes

FitYog Presenting New age of fitness workout, Keep your body healty with Zumba Classes by FitYog.

Go to Online Yoga Classes

Online Yoga Classes

FitYog is starting online yoga classes in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Get a Free Session Today!

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Women Yoga Classes

Get the Best Yoga Classes for Women and Ladies with FitYog Yoga Institute in Jaipur.

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• FitYog - A registered Yoga trainer with more then eight years of experience in providing training sessions to people with different age groups.
• Expert in all the yoga asana that help in recouping and rejuvenating all the body organs.
• Excellent in analysing the participant’s capabilities and limitations and thus designing individual asana plan that fit them.
• Expert in counselling, motivating and driving the participants towards a better lifestyle and promote well-being in the society.
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills while empathizing with the participants.

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