March 8, 2017

Why FitYog


In today’s era everyone is suffering from different dieses due to busy unhealthy lifestyle and top of it unhealthy fast food, an irregularity in sleep affect the mind and restlessness in the mind can manifest many ailments in the body at a very early stage of an age, everybody is looking out for remedy from which one can have peace of mind, stress free life and yoga is the remedy which not only can give you peace of mind, it filters organs and strengthen you muscles too; breathing techniques and meditation helps in improving immunity.

Yoga is a great activity which gives you flexibility, strength and mind-body synchronization. The mind-body approach helps you out to relax and energize.

Yoga’s deep breathing and meditation practices help relieve stress and declutter the mind, helping you to become more focused.

Benefits of yoga 

  1. Increased muscle strength and tone the muscle flexibility
  2. weight reduction
  3. Cardio and circulatory health
  4. Balanced metabolism and injury protection


The purpose of being opening yoga center is to encourage every human being to move towards a healthy lifestyle so we can fulfill the dream of our honorable prime minister being supported in the cast of  “Healthy India” campaign. Though yoga is a very snail pace process and one can say sadhana, one really needs constant practice to reach that pinnacle to experience the feel of Yoga and joy of meditation, We at Yoga classes in Jaipur have made it easy and enjoyable by the expertise of trainers in Jaipur branch of Nirman Nagar.


Our  Yoga classes in Jaipur have focused on all particular aspects of Hatha yoga, Power yoga, Ashtanga and advanced yoga. Our FitYog Center in Nirman Nagar Jaipur is successful effort to unite mind, body, and breath.

What one learn in this whole Yoga classes module, In Yoga classes in Jaipur, at very initial stage participants get familiar with different positions of Asanas, Pranayamas and breathing techniques. Breathing techniques postures and poses strictly monitored by our Yoga guru Arvind Sajwan Ji who has made scientific adjustments for people to move towards mind peace and healthy life.

Yoga classes in Nirman Nagar Jaipur has organized a series of successful yoga programs from time to time to create awareness among people, recently organized and celebrated fagotsav on the eve of Holi festival in which a large number of people participated with enthusiasm and took lessons on health benefits.

Grab an opportunity book your seats for making stress free lifestyle.We conduct batches throughout whole day as per one’s requirement and schedule, Learn any method of yoga easily and get complete and Permanent health solution in Morning-Day-Evening Yoga Batch in our Nirman Nagar, Jaipur Yoga classes center with all ease.

We are also Start Providing Yoga Classes in Shyam Nagar,Mansarovor,Vaishali Nagar,Devi Nagar,Katewa Nagar,Civil Lines,Rajendra Prasad Nagar,Viduth Nagar,Santosh Nagar,Ram Nagar & Near Nirman Nagar Jaipur.