March 9, 2017

Weight Loss

Yoga for weight loss

Obesity is a serious problem today life style. To get rid of this problem, there is a variety of exercise and diet plan But following  is a very difficult task. Keeping in mind the Exercise and Diet plan, our Yoga Guru Arvind Sajwan Ji has designed Yoga  for weight loss in 4 week. By which you can easily cut extra fat and weight loss by practicing yoga continuously for 4 week.

yoga is permanent and effective solution for quick weight loss. Yoga for weight loss is joyful,natural and easy exercise for all age group.

And so far more than 200 people have reduce extra fat and weight loss from our program Yoga for weight loss.

We can understand the weight loss program in two steps.

  1. Diet plan: –

80% contribution to weight loss depends on our eating habits. We should take a meal with the same calories as we can burn in one day. Generally, a male requires 2500 calories and female 2000 calories a day. We should take a little food in every 2-3 hours instead of twice and trice time in a day.

The daily calorie limit should be 1200-1500 in the weight loss program.

We can take this diet in our food in this way.

(A). Early morning (100 calories): – 300 ml Little hot  glass of water, tea without sugar, 2 biscuts

(B) .Break fast (300 calories): – 2 roti + 100 gram green vegetable

(C) .Mid morning (70 calories): – 1 banana or 20 grapefruit

(D) .Lunch (350 calories): – 200 gram rice + 90 gram lentils / mix vegetable + 50 gram salad + 50 gram curd

(E) .Evening (50 calories): – 120 ml Milk

(F) .Dinner (320 calories): – 70 ml vegetable soup +2 roti + 50 gram green salad

  1. Yoga for weight loss (lose weight by yoga): –

Regular Yoga is a very good and excellent process to lose weight. For the Weight loss, morning and evening batch is run in our institute. The following Yoga is done for weight loss.

(A). Kapalbhati asan : – This posture strengthens the stomach and stomach muscles. This posture gives flat stomach and tone to your stomach. If you have hypertension and hernia, then this posture should be done in the care of yoga trainer.

(B) .Bridge pose : – This posture strengthens the thickness of the shoulders and spine. Improves digestion. Makes the spine flexible. Keep blood pressure in control.

(C) .Surya Namashkar : – This posture makes our body flexible for bending forward and backward. Our Tommy (mouth) is less than that.

(D) .Tree Pose (Vraksha-Asana): – This posture balances your body. This yoga pose burn extra fat form Waist area. And stomach and thigh muscles are strong.

(E) .Half moon pose (semi-moon): – This posture makes the upper body and Thigh strong and in shape.In this way, if you want to loss weight by Yoga easily or quickly, or take a fitness guide, then you can contact us.

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