April 19, 2017

Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga

We are unable to do some Regular & difficult yoga due to our unfit body. But with the help of partner yoga classes, we can get yoga posture easily by getting support from our partner. Like some people have a problem in the back and bending. But easily take a seat easily after getting a bit of support. The partner yoga classes strengthens the harmony in both partners. In this yoga, transfer of positive energy takes place from one partner to another. By practicing partner, the power to understand each other increases.Children can also do partner yoga easily.

 Our yoga guru Arvind sajwan ji has designed a very good and simple program of partner yoga, so that all types of hard pose can be done easiest way.

Benefits of Partner Yoga: –

1.Nurturing Relationships –

Both partners get mental and physical balance through partner yoga. Partner yoga make strong bonding between the two partners and separation is far away. Both partners increase trust on each other. Which is the foundation of a strong relationship.

2.Creating moment –

It is an opportunity to spend time with friends and forebears, which is a difficult task in today’s time. Both partners quote each other to see the mirror image.

3.Power of Touch –

Both partners stretch each other’s body part. There is a regular operation of the blood throughout the body.

4.Team building skill Development –

In partner yoga, both partners plan each other’s instructions. Which increases a team building and Leadership quality.

5.Body benefit –

Lungs ability to expand is increase. Increases brain and mental health improvements. Muscles are formed. Therefore, partner yoga improves behavior and fitness between couple, friends, relatives and children.