June 18, 2018

International Yoga Day 2018

FitYog Prestets

International Yoga Day 2018

21st June 2018 (6 Am – 8 AM) 

It’s your future be there healthy and fine.

International yoga day

FitYog presents

International Yoga Day 2018

21st June 2018 (6 Am – 9 Am)

Events for the day are

international yoga day 2018


Yoga session with FitYog expert Yoga trainer Mr. Arvind.


Meditation session with FitYog expert Yoga trainer Mr. Arvind.

Free Health Checkup

Free Diatribes, Blood pressure and general health checkup.

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  • 3000+ students trained by the institute.
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We created history last year

Yoga day

Yoga History

International day of yoga is also called as the world yoga day. United Nations General Assembly has declared 21st of June as an International Yoga Day on 11th of December in 2014. Yoga in India is considered to be around 5,000 year old mental, physical and spiritual practice. Yoga was originated in India in ancient time when people were used of meditation to transform their body and mind. Launching a particular date of practicing yoga all across the world and celebrating as yoga day was initiated by the Indian Prime Minister to the United Nations General Assembly.

Yoga is very necessary and beneficial for all human being if it is practiced by all on daily basis in the early morning. Official name of this day is UN International Yoga Day and also called as Yoga Day. It is a worldwide event celebrated by the people of all countries through practicing yoga, meditation, debates, meetings, discussions, variety of cultural performances, etc.

"Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul."
Amit Ray
Indian Author
“There is always room for change, but you have to be open to that change.”
Kathryn Budig

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